Launch it High and Straight, Every Time

Like tinkering with settings and changing your shot shape on each hole? Stop here — this driver’s not for you.

Want to LAUNCH IT straight down the fairway every time, with tons of distance and plenty of forgiveness? Keep reading.


A Driver Optimized for You
is Next-Level Performance

Want more distance and accuracy? Choose Launcher HB. Every component has been optimized for your ideal shot shape: high, long, and straight.


Stop Sacrificing Distance
for Adjustability


Hosel sleeves and weight ports offer versatility, but don’t maximize distance. In fact, while adjustability has become increasingly popular over the last 5 years, average driver distance is down 10.7 yards. John Rae
VP of R&D Cleveland Golf



Play Woods Built for You, Not Everyone

A suite of technologies and optimized weighting make Launcher HB Woods just right for golfers who want to launch it high and split the fairway, time after time.

in October

Cleveland’s Launcher is Reborn with Premium Performance Technology

The HiBore Crown Reinvented for Even More Distance

The new HiBore crown moves the center of gravity low and deep, promoting a high-launch, low-spin trajectory.

Its updated structure compresses at impact and decompresses at launch for faster ball speeds.

It all adds up to the most distance-boosting HiBore we’ve made yet.


An Ultra-Lightweight Hosel Optimized for One Setting: Launch

Launcher HB’s hosel design is the lightest we’ve made. We repositioned all that extra mass where it helps your performance: low and deep.

The result is a stronger, more optimized hosel design that boosts distance and forgiveness.


Unlock Absurd Ball Speed with Flex-Fin Technology

Compressing and decompressing with explosive energy, Flex-Fins launch the ball with remarkable speed, even on heel and toe miss-hits.

This added ball speed and forgiveness make Launcher HB the longest, most forgiving driver we’ve ever made.


The Hottest Cleveland Driver Ever thanks to Launcher Cup Face

Launcher Cup Face increases COR across the face for the hottest driver with the largest sweet spot we’ve ever designed.

Added ball speed means you get more distance; consistent ball speed across the face means you get more forgiveness.


Low and Deep Weighting Launches it High, Long, and Straight

Low and Deep is the absolute best weight arrangement if you want forgiveness, high launch, and low spin.

Don’t adjust. Don’t tinker. Just crush it straight down the middle of the fairway.


Jeff Brunski, Director of R&D at Cleveland Golf, on the Launcher HB Woods



in October