A Cavity Back Wedge for the 84% of Golfers Who Play Cavity Back Irons*

You and 84% of golfers play cavity back irons because they’re forgiving, easy to swing, and lighter than tour-designed irons. So why are you gaming that unforgiving blade wedge?

Cleveland CBX is a new way to make a wedge. Its cavity back design brings forgiveness to your short game plus it’s packed with Cleveland’s wedge spin technologies so you’re in total control.


Finally a wedge that was built for all of those cavity back iron players. The Cleveland CBX Wedges are perfect for most golfers out there. Paul Earnest
PGA Director of Golf
Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas



Cavity Back Golfers:
You’re Playing the Wrong Wedge

Set matching wedges don’t spin the ball and blade wedges punish you for the smallest miss-hits. Your short game deserves better.

Cleveland CBX Wedges look, feel, and forgive like your cavity back irons, plus spin the ball like a tour wedge.

The Numbers don’t Lie:
Cleveland CBX is More Forgiving

A Smooth Weight Transition Means
More Consistent Performance

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Get Control, Precision, and All the Forgiveness You Need

A Cavity Back Wedge Puts Forgiveness in Your Short Game

Get more forgiveness and distance with a cavity back wedge that blends with your cavity back irons.


A Dual V-Shaped Sole Gives You Forgiveness and Versatility

The CBX sole uses two different V shapes to maximize forgiveness and maintain versatility.

A front-to-back V shape lets you cut smoothly through the turf without loss of speed.

A heel-to-toe V shape lets you open the face for versatility while still providing extra help in the sand.


Spin it Like the Pros with Rotex Face Technology

Tour Zip Grooves, Laser Milling, and Micro Milling produce tour-level spin for total control.

Aggressive grooves channel debris away from the face for more consistent full shots from the fairway and rough.


Feel Balancing Technology Means Consistent Performance

A microcavity in the hosel moves the center of gravity closer to the middle of the face, enhancing feel and distance control.

With a sweet spot closer to your ideal hitting location you get more forgiveness on your wedge shots.


Jeff Brunski, Director of R&D at Cleveland Golf, on the Cleveland CBX


Cleveland CBX



*2016 Industry Data on Retail Sell Thru suggests 84% of all irons sold have a cavity back and would be classified as Game Improvement or Super Game Improvement.